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Conserve It is an international leader in Smart IoT Solutions, building automation and HVAC solutions, having designed the award-winning plant room optimisation solution PlantPRO.

We have partnered with international leaders in Building Automation & Controls, Analytics & Visualisation, Sensors & Metering, Actuators & Valves and Remote Access Security to be one of the leading Distributors in the Asia Pacific region.

As Developers, we build market-ready, Edge to Cloud solutions through best-in-class hardware and software solutions as a Dell OEM, through our range of Conserve It Edge IoT Controllers.

We are Industry Disruptors through our award-winning, smart machine learning chiller plant controls and optimisation solution PlantPRO®. With ongoing research and development, we work with our partners and local government to look into systems and solutions to ensure the future opportunities and trends are realised.

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