IO-16-485 Remote Input/Output Module

The IO-16-485 Remote Input/Output Module allows JACE controllers to extend monitoring and control applications to include inputs/outputs that are remotely located up to 4,000 feet from the JACE. The module supports a mix of analog and digital inputs and outputs — (8) universal inputs, (4) relay outputs, and (4) analog outputs. Connection to IO-16-485 modules is established via an industry standard RS-485 multi-drop communications bus, enabling one wiring trunk to greatly reduce the “homerun” wiring requirements of many input and output devices.

Depending upon application and JACE model selected, up to (16) IO-16-485 devices can be utilized on a single JACE supporting a total of up to 256 I/O points.


SKU IO-16-485
Brand Vykon

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